UNITE Tomorrowland Taiwan 2018 kicks off at Dajia Riverside Park on July 28

Taiwan is the only East Asian country to join with 6 other nations to hold the music carnival

UNITE With Tomorrowland is taking place in Taipei. (photo from Mediasphere)

UNITE With Tomorrowland is taking place in Taipei. (photo from Mediasphere)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News)- The music festival UNITE Tomorrowland Taiwan 2018 will kick off on Saturday, July 28 at Dajia Riverside Park, Taipei.

What is Tomorrowland?

Tomorrowland is a worldwide music carnival that features electronic music from famous DJs, unique stage designs and special sound and light effects.

It was first held as an outdoor party by a night club in Boom, Belgium in 2005. As more music veterans joined the event, it soon grew in scale.

After the Dutch entertainment company ID&T took over Tomorrowland, it started to develop various electronic music styles. In 2008, it reached its highest peak with 380,000 participants.

In recent years, Tomorrowland began being staging overseas performances which are held simultaneously with the show in Belgium titled UNITE With Tomorrowland. The main stage in Belgium controls the sound and light effects in other countries via satellite.

2018 UNITE with Tomorrowland Taiwan

Official trailer of 2018 UNITED With Tomorrowland (video by Tomorrowland)

This year, Taiwan is the only country in East Asia to hold UNITE With Tomorrowland and alongside with other 6 countries, Abu Dhabi, Italy, Lebanon, Malta, Mexico and Spain.

EDM fans will have a chance to enjoy the performance of many famous DJs on July 28 at Dajia Riverside Park.

Tickets can be purchased on many online platforms, such as FunNow, ibon, festicket.

For more information please visit the Tomorrowland official website and Facebook page.

2017 Tomorrowland Belgium trailer (YouTube video by Tomorrowland)