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Taiwan’s ‘Evil Landlady’ sentenced to 8 years and 2 months

Appeals are still possible

Chang Shu-ching (photo posted by wade770223 (wade) on ptt).

Chang Shu-ching (photo posted by wade770223 (wade) on ptt).

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Chang Shu-ching (張淑晶), dubbed the “evil landlady” by Taiwanese media for swindling tenants over the years, was sentenced to eight years and two months in prison Tuesday.

Appeals were still possible against the sentence, of which seven years could not be replaced by paying a fine, the Central News Agency reported. A man surnamed Huang (黃), 55, who was also charged in the same case was found not guilty.

Since the end of 2013, Chang had presented false documents for tenants to sign at apartments in four districts of New Taipei City and sued 18 of them even though she knew they were not to be blamed for anything, the New Taipei District Court said.

In some cases, guests noted discrepancies in the contracts and were given other rooms than those they had agreed to rent, while in some cases tenants were housed in apartments which had not been vacated yet by other tenants, CNA reported.

She also added clauses to the contract without showing them to tenants, such as fines for terminating the contract early, the Apple Daily reported.

Prosecutors were reportedly still evaluating whether or not to appeal Tuesday’s sentence, since for some cases the court had ruled it was unclear whether Chang was guilty or not.

The 49-year-old woman developed a reputation as the archetype of an untrustworthy and treacherous landlady, frequently making headlines for disputes with tenants and even with foreign visitors to Taiwan.