‘Follow Alana’ TV star bakes cakes with hearing impaired children in southern Taiwan

Profoundly deaf host of ‘Follow Alana’ plays and bakes with hearing impaired children in Kaohsiung

Alana playing with children. (Courtesy of Children’s Hearing Foundation)

Alana playing with children. (Courtesy of Children’s Hearing Foundation)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Alana Wen (雅文), host of the "Follow Alana" (Follow Alana愛遊台灣) travel program, spent an afternoon with a group of hearing impaired children to lend her support in recent days, at an interactive exhibition in Kaohsiung.

Alana spent the afternoon playing, interacting and cooking with a group of children from the Children's Hearing Foundation (雅文兒童聽語文教基金會) at the Wanmei Studio x Pocky Deco Art (玩美攝影棚Studio x Pocky Deco Art) promotional event space.

For the afternoon's main event, Alana made cupcakes with the children. Chocolate cream, frosting and Pocky-branded cookie crumbs were added to the cakes as decoration.

As a departing present, Alana gave each child a small gift.

Group photo with Children's Hearing Foundation (Children's Hearing Foundation)

When reflecting about her experience with the children, Alana said that hearing impaired children face many obstacles growing up beyond their hearing impairment. There are obstacles in education and language is strongly linked to culture.

Events like this one are interesting and multi-dimensional, which can help enrich children's education, she added.

Alana was born in Taipei with profound deafness and her parents were told she would never speak. Despite this, Alana speaks perfect English, because tones in the Chinese language are an obstacle for many hearing impaired people.

"Follow Alana" is broadcast on television in China, Taiwan and Singapore, and mini-episodes are published on YouTube.