Photo of the Day: Christ the Redeemer graces Taiwan balloon festival

Hot air ballon resembling Rio's famous Christ the Redeemer statue spotted at Taiwan International Balloon Festival in Taitung

"Christ the Redeemer" balloon seen at Taitung balloon festival.

"Christ the Redeemer" balloon seen at Taitung balloon festival. (By Central News Agency)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- In the photograph above, a man can be seen posing in front of a hot air balloon shaped like the famous Rio de Janeiro statue Christ the Redeemer at the 2018 Taiwan International Balloon Festival on Saturday (June 30).

The balloon was part of a large contingent of hot air balloons that lifted off that day from the East Rift Valley in eastern Taiwan's Taitung County as part of the 2018 Taiwan International Balloon Festival, which runs from June 30 to August 13.

Now in its eighth year, the annual hot air balloon fest features a record high 39 “participating balloons” and boasts the longest period -- more than 40 days -- compared to past events. Visitors can anticipate a bunch of novelty balloons in flight resembling characters from animation films such as “Up” and “Minions,” as well as ones styled like bulldogs, Orient Express trains, and more.

To learn more about the event, visit the official website or its Facebook page.

Christ the Redeemer ballon (right). (CNA image)

Whimsical balloons take to the skies. (CNA image)

Cluster of balloons preparing for takeoff. (CNA image)

Christ the Redeemer ballon leaning forward. (CNA image)