Taipei DEP: Water from city’s public drinking fountains is safe to drink

(photo from the DEP)

(photo from the DEP)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News)—For people who didn’t carry their own water bottle with them, public water fountains are the most economical and convenient sources for them to stay hydrated, but is the water safe for drinking? At least it is safe to drink from public drinking fountains around Taipei City, according to the city’s Department of Environmental Protection.

There are 283 public drinking fountains currently in use around Taipei, including 83 at MRT stations, 7 at schools, 158 at parks, and 35 at government agencies, according to a press release issued by the DEP on June 25.

To ensure safety of the water provided by these drinking fountains, the DEP said it performed sampling and testing of water from the city’s 283 drinking fountains between May 10 and July 14. Results show that the E. coli bacteria level in the samples is all below the benchmark of 6 CFU/100 ml, which means that the water is safe for drinking, the agency said.

Taipei Water Department has also requested the agencies that manage the drinking fountain facilities to conduct daily patrol, conduct a quarterly water test, and provide access to real-time water quality information by utilizing a QR Code system, the DEP said.

Regulations require responsible agencies to carry out monthly maintenance and keep the maintenance record visible near the drinking facilities, the DEP said. adding that a water test should also be performed by certified institutes. The DEP said it will continue to inspect and test the water quality to ensure that drinking water is safe at all times.