Protests at Canada Day event over Air Canada listing Taiwan as part of China

Protesters shouted ‘Air Canada is disgraceful’ and called for Air Canada to reverse its decision

Protesters during press conference in Taipei yesterday.

Protesters during press conference in Taipei yesterday. (By Central News Agency)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Civil society groups held a protest and press conference during the Canada Day celebrations at the Hakka Cultural Park in Taipei yesterday, to voice their dissatisfaction with Air Canada re-listing Taiwan as part of China on their website.

Protesters shouted "Air Canada is disgraceful" in a show of their discontent.

The "Celebration Canada" festival was put on by the Canadian Trade Office in Taipei and Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Taiwan to celebrate Canada's national day (July 1), with concerts, fireworks, food, and drink being the main attractions.

The protest was in response to Air Canada's decision to re-list Taiwan as part of China on its website, after the Chinese government demanded 36 airlines conform to its political correctness.

One protestor, Sean Kaiteri said that China's pressure to force airlines to list Taiwan as part of China was "political interference in corporate decisions", reported CNA.

"Taiwan is Taiwan, not part of China" he added.

The protest was attended by the Taiwan Society (台灣社), Taiwan Teacher's Union (台灣教師聯盟) and Taiwan North Society (台灣北社), amongst others and independent individuals.

Chang Yeh-sen (張葉森), head of the Taiwan Society said the people of Taiwan should not accept Air Canada's decision and called both the Canadian government and Canadian businesses to list Taiwan correctly, reported the Liberty Times.

Chang went on to say that he hopes that Taiwan and Canada, as two democratic and free nations can establish formal diplomatic ties soon.

Air Canada's decision previously led to protests outside the airline's headquarters in Montreal and for Canada's top representative in Taiwan to say that "we are of course opposed to [the] government of China putting pressure on Canadian companies to take position on the issue."