Taipei food show reveals world's first bubble milk tea shaker robot

Smart manufacturing is now going to Taiwan's most celebrated drink - boba bubble milk tea!

(Image courtesy of ljguitar Bubble Tea)

(Image courtesy of ljguitar Bubble Tea)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) - The first-ever robotic arm designed to make and shake a fresh cup of bubble milk tea has been revealed at the four-day Taipei Food Show, with an aim to ensure consistent quality of the country's most celebrated drink in the world, and happy customers.

One of the biggest headaches for bubble milk tea vendors is to shake milk powder evenly until it is dissolved. A Taiwan government-funded trade organization teamed up with local bubble milk tea material suppliers and food machinery specialists to hammer out a "robot," which in fact is a robotic arm which is capable of putting sugar and chewy tapioca pearls or the equivalents into a cup and shake vigorously to make a cup of bubble milk tea in 35 to 40 seconds.

The creator of the robot said the machine can help shake up to 100 cups per hour.

Each cup of the bubble milk tea however cannot be 100% prepared by the machine, and it needs people to cook tea and tapioca pearls before the mixing and shaking procedure carried out by the robotic arm.

Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) is promoting the robotic arm at the show in hopes of exporting Taiwan's bubble milk tea drink and the country's unique food culture to the world.

FOOD Taipei is a super trade show, comprising four trade events occurring simultaneously, including "Foodtech & Pharmatech Taipei", "Taipei Pack", "Taiwan HORECA" and "Halal Taiwan." The trade show will play host to 1,628 exhibitions and more than 4,000 booths. Over 500 companies from 34 countries will attend the four-day event from June 27.