Taiwanese athlete Chen Kuei-ru: pursue excellence, then perfection

Chen is hoping to use the pressure from media spotlight to better perform in the upcoming Asian Games

SINGAPORE (Taiwan News)- Another Taiwanese sprinter who has been shining ever since the 2017 Taipei Summer Universiade, will compete for glory in the upcoming Asian Games held in August - Men's 110m Hurdles is sprinter Chen Kuei-ru (陳奎儒).

Who is he?

Chen was born and raised in Yunlin County of Central Taiwan. He is the current National Record holder for the 110m Hurdles.

Chen's progression graph (Image from IAAF)

Chen broke the National Record twice in May 2018, first in the National Intercollegiate Athletics Games by clocking in the a time of 13.50s. He headed to Japan after that and broke the national record once again with a new time of 13.49s in the Seiko Golden Grand Prix Osaka 2018.

Chen: Challenge yourself to be stronger

In an interview with him previously, Chen mentioned that as the level of the competition increases, he would be more spurred on and this brings out his excellent performances.

He also said that the National Intercollegiate Athletic Games have helped him to gain more confidence in preparing for the upcoming Asian Games held in Jakarta. He previously felt that his performance prior to the National Intercollegiate Athletic Games was not up to his expectations. He is now aiming to make it to the prize podium in the Asian Games and hopes to break his personal record as well.

When asked about his mood before the game, Chen said that he felt more stress after clinching the silver medal in the 2017 Taipei Summer Universiade. Chen said that stress is inevitable, but the way to manage stress is the key to success.

Chen also emphasized that he needs to use the pressure to better perform on the track. And good emotion management and anxiety management are keys.

For the good and bad times

Chen would like to thank everyone who helped him in his athletic journey: his coach Wang Kuo-hui(王國慧), his family and friends, physiotherapists who gave him their utmost support throughout his athletic career till today. Also, he would like to thank his manager for always providing him with timely assistance and encouragement during the tough times.