Taipei Biennial 2018: Intersection of art and environmental issues

Over 35 artists from Asia and Europe will showcase their works at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum

Curators from Taipei Biennial 2018 and TFAM. (Photo by Taiwan News)

Curators from Taipei Biennial 2018 and TFAM. (Photo by Taiwan News)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News)- Taipei Biennial 2018, an international contemporary art exhibition held by the Taipei Fine Arts Museum (TFAM), is slated to run from November of this year to March 2019.

(Photo by Taipei Biennial 2018 )

Now nearing its 11th edition, Taipei Biennial is a crucial event in art industry held once every two years. The selected works on display will be seen internationally and provides artists from different countries a chance to exchange ideas.

This year's edition, titled "Post-Nature: a museum as an ecosystem," was announced by co-curators, Mali Wu and Francesco Mamacorda.

Both of the curators have been associated with society-based projects and dedicated to developing contemporary art issues.

Mali Wu graduated from the German arts academy Kunstakademie Düsseldorf. Currently, she teaches in the Graduate Institute of Interdisciplinary Art at National Kaohsiung Normal University. As an avant-garde female artist, her works focus on public affairs.

The other curator, Francesco Manacorda, has earned a Master's Degree in Curating Contemporary Art from the Royal College of Art, London. He is also an experienced writer and curator, with clients such as the Barbican Art Gallery from 2007 and 2009.

In Taipei Biennial 2018, TFAM will transform into a platform for international artists to share insights into ecological issues in order to raise awareness of environment protection.

The biennial displays works of visual artists, NGOs, activists, and film and documentary directors across Asia and Europe.

The curators try to break the line between museum and the public. Rather than only display inside the museum, some artworks will be installed outdoors to create conversations in between.

As part of their planning for the exhibition, the curators striving to make the best use of the nature light available in TFAM.

"We perceive museums as an organic and extended network that sustainably growing. The museum is no longer a limited dark place but an ecosystem that able to interact with you." said Lin Ping, the curator of TFAM.

As a part of the biennial, "eco-lab" will serve as a platform for the participants to experiment and exchange authentic views.

Additionally, artists from NGOs will hold workshops and field trips for the public.

Taipei Fine Arts Museum (Photo by Wikimedia)

TFAM closed in October of last year for renovations, but will be reopened on July 20, 2018. During the renovation phase, the outdoor event and installations are free.

For more information about current outdoor installations, please visit the TFAM website.