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Video by American grad student covers all the 'Things to do in Taipei'

American NTUE master's student creates humourous video titled 'Things to do in Taipei'

Screenshot of Andrew DeBell's video "Things to do in Taipei."

Screenshot of Andrew DeBell's video "Things to do in Taipei."

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- An American master's student currently living in Taipei has created a humorous video introducing many of the major sights and sounds of Taiwan's capital city.

Andrew DeBell, 28, who has been studying his Master's in Learning and Instruction at National Taipei University of Education for a year now, said that he created the song and accompanying video as a "unique way to share the amazing wonders of Taipei with travelers from abroad." DeBell said that because he feels Taiwan is a greatly underrated travel destination, he thought it would be a good way to encourage more people from around the world to come and visit.

The video is the latest installment of a series of "musical travel guides" DeBell has created to be a "fun blend of entertainment and cultural learning that I hope inspires others to try new things."

In the video, when asked by a friend (played by his wife Caryn) what she should do in Taipei, DeBell says "first I think you should take the..." and suddenly sings the word "train." The song starts with DeBell introducing the new Taoyuan Airport MRT as a cheaper alternative to taxis.

He then starts rapidly rapping out several Taipei highlights, including the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial, shaved ice at the Ningxia Night Market, puppet theater museum, high mountain oolong tea, Taipei 101, Elephant Mountain, Xinyi shopping district, xiao long bao soup dumplings, and MRT. DeBell then sings about exploring Bao'an Temple, hiking Yangmingshan, shopping the underground Taipei City Mall, and cooling off with boba and coconut jelly-flavored ice tea drinks.

He then recommends visitors try liang mian (cold 涼麵) noodles, avoid getting hit by dogs on scooters, and taste mangos, fruits and both fried and boiled stinky tofu. He also suggests renting YouBikes, carrying umbrellas, eating kelp snacks from 7-Eleven, visiting coffee shops until 2 p.m., and dumping trash into garbage trucks that play Beethoven's "Für Elise."

After an interlude showing various sights and foods in Taipei, DeBell picks up again and suggests seeing the trees at Da'an Forest Park, visiting the National Palace Museum, running along the Tamsui River to Daodaocheng wharf, and eating spicy noodles at the Shilin Night Market. He then segues to trying pineapple cakes, perusing Chinese medicine shops on Dihua Street, exploring creative parks, soaking one's feet in the Beitou Hot Springs, visiting the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, learning how to brew oolong tea leaves, and drinking "healthy" asparagus juice.

The video ends with a garbage truck playing the omnipresent "Für Elise."

DeBell and his wife Caryn are e-Learning and Digital Marketing consultants at their own company, Water Bear Learning and Jam Campus Education.