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Taiwan facing the 3rd worst talent shortage in the world: survey

The three countries facing the most difficulty in recruiting new talent are: Japan, Romania, and Taiwan

(Photo from pixabay)

(Photo from pixabay)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – As many as 78 percent of employers in Taiwan reported difficulties in recruiting, taking the third spot in a list of 43 countries according to the 2018 Talent Shortage Survey by Manpower Group.

The three countries confronted with the direst situations in hiring talent are Japan (89 percent), Romania (81 percent) and Taiwan (78 percent), the survey finds.

The talent drought in Japan can be attributed to lack of labor supply, aging demographics, and immigration restrictions. In Romania and Taiwan, the upward trend of near-shoring and offshoring over recent years are the primary causes, which have resulted in unfilled posts and threaten operational efficiency for many firms, the report says.

The survey also suggests that 2018 is the year employers around the world are finding it ever more difficult to fill open jobs – 45 percent of whom say they are faced with challenges to find the skills they need, a number that is 5 percent higher than last year and the highest in 12 years. As high a number as 67 percent of large firms – companies with more than 250 workers --reported recruitment challenges.

The three countries reporting the least difficulty in hiring talent are China (13 percent), Ireland (18 percent), and the UK (19 percent).

According to the research, the top 10 most in demand workers are those with skilled trades, sales representatives, engineers, drivers, technicians, IT, accounting, & finance professionals, office support staff, and workers in the manufacturing sector.

The 2018 Talent Shortage Survey was conducted in 43 countries, surveying 39,195 employers across six industries.