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Huashan Grassland murder victim's other breast missing, killer's female friend bites police

One breast of Huashan Grassland murder victim still missing, killer's female friend bit police officer

Chen (left), Kao (right). (Facebook image and surveillance camera footage)

Chen (left), Kao (right). (Facebook image and surveillance camera footage)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- As if the Huashan Grassland murder case was not already bizarre enough, reports have surfaced that only one of the victim's breasts has been accounted for and a female friend of the suspected killer allegedly bit a police officer when he was being arrested.

On May 31, a 37-year-old archery teacher surnamed Chen (陳), who had recently rented out a space in 120 Grassroots, made sexual advances toward his 30-year-old student surnamed Kao (高), but she rejected him. After Kao's rejection, the archer allegedly waited until she had fallen asleep to strangle her to death.

After killing Kao, Chen initially kept her body in the cabin, but as the stench started to build, on June 3 he took a 15-centimeter fish fillet knife and cut her body into seven pieces and placed them in plastic bags. During questioning on June 18, he told police that on June 4 he loaded the bags on a scooter and hid them on Yangmingshan in New Taipei.

That same day, police were able to retrieve seven bags containing her remains on Yangmingshan, however on June 19 they discovered that her breasts had been "cut clean off" her chest.

Despite initial reports yesterday that both of the victim's breasts had been found, police now say that only one was found in Chen's home, while the whereabouts of the other are still not known. Contrary to reports yesterday that her breasts had been found in Chen's refrigerator, police now say that one breast was found inside a zipped up bag in pile of assorted items in the corner of his bedroom, reported China Times.

The breast was found to have been covered with some sort of unidentified white preservative powder and police suspect it was being kept as some kind of "trophy." As for the other breast, Chen told police that he "already discarded it."

Chen has reportedly avoided explaining to police why he cut off Kao's breasts, so prosecutors and police are still trying to determine his motives. In an interview with the media, forensic medical expert Kao Ta-cheng (高大成) said Chen might have a "sexual fetish."

Meanwhile, news has also surfaced that when Chen was being arrested by police in his cabin at 10 p.m. on June 19, a female friend of his surnamed Lo (羅) became agitated and tried to provoke the officers by saying, "Aren't you cops the best? F*** your mother!" Lo loudly chastised Zhongxiao East Road Precinct Police Captain Lin Chun-yeh (林俊燁) and officers on the scene saying, "What kind of attitude is this?"

Police officers then requested Lo to not interfere with the arrest and asked her if she had been drinking. Lo then went into a rage and immediately hurled her cell phone on the ground and shouted, "Who said I was drinking?"

Lo then made an obscene gesture with her middle finger and again repeated the curse words "F*** your mother!" She then started to grab at police officers and bit one on the arm.

Police then arrested Lo and she was then sent to the prosecutor's office on charges of interfering with public affairs. During a court hearing, Lo pleaded guilty and expressed regret, and she was released on NT$30,000 bail, reported China Times.