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3 tourist spots to receive makeover in central Taiwan

2 scenic walking trails and Beigang sweet factory precinct in Yunlin County receive NT$29.5 million in funding for renovations

Scenic walking trail in Yunlin County (Yunlin County Government)

Scenic walking trail in Yunlin County (Yunlin County Government)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The Yunlin County Government has secured NT$29.5 million (US$0.97 million) in funding to restore three scenic walking trails to help improve the safety and quality of tourism facilities in Yunlin County, central Taiwan, reported CNA.

Two walking trails in the Caoling area (草嶺地區) will be renovated, as well as walkways close to the old Beigang sweet factory (北港糖廠).

The plan will focus on restoring trails, taming the surrounding landscape and improving lighting.

The Gukeng valley trail (古坑鄉幽情谷步道) and the Shibi Youlong lake trail (石壁遊龍湖步道) will be restored with an emphasis on replacing rotten wood with steel.

Lin Chang-chao (林長照), head of Yunlin County's Urban and Rural Development Department said that the two trails are well-known for their natural beauty, but had been damaged through years of neglect, reported CNA.

The old Beigang sweet factory will have its surrounding paths along the railroad and bridges improved with an emphasis on better lighting to foster an improved recreational environment.

The funding for the projects was secured by three grants. NT$10 million was allocated to both walking trails, while NT$9.5 million was allocated to restoration of the Beigang sweet factory area, reported the Liberty Times.

All grants are sourced from the Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Transport.