Funny video shows Taiwanese man trying to shoo off rat with cold shower

Hilarious video shows Taiwanese man trying in vain to shoo away a rat with cold water from shower

(Screenshot from YouTube video)

(Screenshot from YouTube video)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- A hilarious video was posted on Breaking News Commune on Sunday (June 24) showing a Taiwanese man trying in vain to drive away a rat that suddenly appeared in his bathroom with cold water from his shower head.

In the video, a man is horrified to suddenly find himself trapped with a rat in the bathroom and the door shut. His first instinct is to try to blast cold water from the shower head to drive the animal away from him.

However, the water pressure is very weak, and despite his best efforts, the rat is undeterred by the anemic stream of cold water. The rat continues to get closer, until out of desperation the man leaps onto the toilet.

The rodent then scurries around the back of the toilet before coming out the other side. The man finally seems to soak the rodent with enough water to pin it in a corner by the time the video ends.

When the man uploaded the video he wrote, "What do I do, hurry and help me think, I'm still trapped in the bathroom."

Over 3,000 netizens offered their advice within five hours of the video being uploaded:

"Take a shower with it; give it plenty of soap and shampoo."

"The rat says: Enough! Stop giving me water! I already finished bathing!"

"Remember to blow-dry after washing."

"Why are you forcing him to rinse?"

"Five hours, are you still alive?"

Others had more practical advice:

"Just open the door and let him out."

"If you can't bear to kill a rat, just set him free outside."

"Basically now that you've washed it, you can grab it!"

"There is a trashcan on the side. Remove the trash from inside and cover it with the trash bin and then take it outside."