Taiwan Air Force conducts successful flight test of Sky Sword II missiles

A successful test of two new domestically developed weapons systems was carried out on June 24

IDF fighter with Sky Sword II dummy replica attached (photo taken June, 2017, courtesy of MND)

IDF fighter with Sky Sword II dummy replica attached (photo taken June, 2017, courtesy of MND)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) –Taiwan’s armed forces have successfully carried out a preliminary test of a new missile system domestically produced by the National Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology (NCIST).

Over the weekend on Sunday, June 24, the Taiwanese Air Force conducted a limited tests of the flight delivery system for the Sky Sword II missile (空劍二飛彈 Sky Sword).

A previous test of the technology in May resulted in failure due to various anomalies involving delayed ignition resulting from issues with the internal control system, according to Up Media.

After apparently solving the problem, Sunday’s test resulted in over 100 seconds of successful flight for the missile systems. According to reports, after some final specifications, the system will be readied for service sometime next year, after a full test in simulated combat conditions.

Originally the Sky Sword II missile test was planned to occur as part of the Han Kuang military exercises, with several IDF fighters upgraded in preparation for the test. However, after the crash of F-16 on June 4, due to unknown causes on the first day of the exercises, the decision was made to postpone the Sky Sword II missile test.

The missiles can reportedly cover a range of 100 kilometers in flight. Up Media reports that the Air Force’s entire fleet of IDF fighter jets has received the necessary upgrades to equip the Sky Sword II missiles, upgrades which have also increased the carrying capacity for the IDF jets from two to four projectile weapons each.

Sky Sword II Missile (Wikimedia Commons Image)