Digital library offering 3D models of heritage sites of Taiwan launched: Ministry of Culture

A 3D scan of Kimen’s Qionglin Village (photo by the MOC)

A 3D scan of Kimen’s Qionglin Village (photo by the MOC)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News)--Digital 3D models depicting 28 Taiwanese cultural sites and historic landscapes when they were the most prosperous are now available for download and re-use by cultural and creative projects, according to a Ministry of Culture (MOC) news release on Friday.

The MOC said that the Taiwan Digital Asset Library (TDAL), a joint endeavor by the MOC and the Ministry of Science and Technology, “hopes to revitalize Taiwan's heritage by not only constructing 3D models of cultural sites and landscapes for research and preservation, but also for augmented and virtual reality applications in the animation, comic, and games (ACG) sectors.”

The 28 models include the Xiluo Bridge connecting Yunlin and Changhua counties; the historic Bopiliao Old Street in Taipei's Wanhua District; the Dutch citadel Fort San Domingo in New Taipei's Danshui District; Changhua Roundhouse, Taiwan's sole fan-shaped depot; and the Agenna Shipyard Relicsfrom the Japanese colonial era in Keelung City.

Two sites that no longer exist have also been reconstructed― Kikumoto Hyakkaten, Taiwan's first-ever department store that still stands in Taipei; and Chunghwa Market Bazaar, which once housed over 1,600 shops and eateries before being torn down in 1992 to make way for Taipei Metro, according to the MOC.

The ministry said the TDAL also contains digital photo sets of 25 heritage sites from the Bureau of Cultural Heritage's collection.

Announcing the launch of the TDAL project, Culture Minister Cheng Li-chiun said at a press conference, "We are using technology to enhance culture, and using culture to add value to technology."

The use of the Kikumoto Hyakkaten model in the upcoming film adaptation of "Scrolls of a Northern City," a Golden Comic Award-winning graphic novel by artist AKRU, was cited by the minister as an example of cross-sector synergy between the digital project headed by the two Taiwan ministries and the audiovisual and publishing industries.

“All materials on the TDAL platform can be used for non-commercial purposes under the Creative Commons license CC BY-NC-SA 3.0, with plans being drawn up for commercial licensing by the upcoming Cultural Content Institute,” the MOC said.

Updated : 2020-12-04 07:49 GMT+08:00