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Golden Melody Awards: Veterans take top awards

Golden Melody Awards: Veterans take top awards

(CNA photo)

Taipei, June 24 (CNA) Music veterans Eason Chan and Lala Hsu on Saturday took top awards at the 29th Golden Melody Awards, Taiwan's biggest music awards event.

Hong Kong singer Chan took home the awards for best Mandarin Male Vocalist and the Album of the Year, which he also won in 2003.

Meanwhile, Taiwanese singer-songwriter Hsu took the Best Album in Mandarin and the best Mandarin Female Vocalist that day.

Below is the complete list of this year's winners:

  • Album of the Year: C'mon In / Eason Chan / Universal Music Taiwan Ltd.
  • Song of the Year: "He-R" from "He-R" / Crowd Lu
  • Best Album in Mandarin: "The Inner Me" / AsiaMuse.
  • Best Album in Taiwanese: "Cartoon Character" / EggPlantEgg Co. Ltd.
  • Best Album in Hakka: "The Dirt Road" / Secondfloor Music.
  • Best Album in an Aboriginal Language: "NAOMI" / Masay Music Studio.
  • Best Music Video: Amei's "Left Behind"/ EMI Records Ltd.

Vocal - Individual Awards

  • Best Female Vocalist-Mandarin: Lala Hsu / "The Inner Me" / AsiaMuse.
  • Best Male Vocalist-Mandarin: Eason Chan / C'mon In~ / Universal Music Taiwan Ltd.
  • Best Female Vocalist-Taiwanese: Elly Chang / "Elly Love You" / Water Music Co., Ltd.
  • Best Male Vocalist-Taiwanese: Ricky Hsiao / "Cheers" / Warner Music Taiwan.
  • Best Vocalist-Hakka: Qiulin / "Da Ling Jiao Xia 2" / HOVE.
  • Best Vocalist-Aboriginal Language: Seredau / "Infection" / Taiwan Story.
  • Best New Artist: EggPlantEgg / "Cartoon Character" / EggPlantEgg Co. Ltd.
  • Best Composer: Crowd Lu / "He-R" from album "He-R" / Team Ear Music.
  • Best Lyricist: Song Dongye/ "GuoYuanChao" from "GuoYuanChao" / Ocean Butterflies Music Co., Ltd.
  • Best Arrangement: "Grim Reaper" (from I Have Myself) - Wen Yi-zhe (Performer: Janice Yan)
  • Best Album Producer: Jonathan Lee / "Still An Outlander" / B'in Music Co. Ltd.
  • Best Musical Group: The Chairman / "The Offering" / Da Gi Shoang
  • Best Vocal Collaboration: MJ116 / "Big Thing" / Rock Records Co. Ltd.
  • Best Album Producer: Hsu Yu-ying / "happened, happening"
  • Best Composer: Baby Chung / "Mangrove Forest" from "Portfolio of BabyC" / Goahead Music Co. Ltd.
  • Best Vocal Recording Album Award: "Home" / Seed Music Co., Ltd. (Recording engineers: Craig Burbidge)

Special Contribution Award: Julie Sue; Joy Kuo