2 Chinese warships sail off Taiwan’s east coast

1 destroyer and 1 frigate sailed southward of Taiwan as part of training mission

Type 054A frigate (Wikimedia Commons)

Type 054A frigate (Wikimedia Commons) (Wikimedia Commons photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Two Chinese warships sailed southward off Taiwan's east coast on June 20, in what Taiwan's Ministry of Defense (MoD, 國防部) described as part of a long-distance training mission, reported CNA.

Taiwan's armed services responded by deploying aircraft and naval ships to observe the People's Liberation Army Navy.

The MoD said the frigate is part of the Chinese-made Type 054A, this class was commissioned into the Chinese navy in April 2018.

Type 054A frigate (Wikimedia Commons)

The destroyer is part of the Chinese-made Type 052C class, first commissioned into service in September 2005.

Type 052C destroyer (Wikimedia Commons)

The warships traveled from north to south, off the eastern coast of Taiwan, close to Taiwan's territorial waters.

The warships then moved through the Bashi Channel (巴士海峽) and towards the South China Sea.