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Philippine President Duterte appears on Taiwanese campaign poster

A candidate running for city council in Hualien Taiwan included the strongman politician to emphasize his 'anti-drug' platform

(Image from FB  user Nieviv Sucuaje)

(Image from FB user Nieviv Sucuaje)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Not to be outdone by the awkward Taiwanese campaign poster displaying North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un that popped up in Kaohsiung last month, a candidate running for City Council in Hualien City has adopted a similar campaign tactic.

Chen Renzhi (陳仁治) of Hualien, Taiwan has chosen to focus on an anti-drug message to persuade constituents in the local elections occurring later this year. And what better way to emphasize the message that an image of the current President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte.

Duterte has gained international attention for many things, and among them, he is most notorious for his brutal anti-drug war, that has seen thousands of drug dealers, and drug users essentially executed in the streets since Duterte came to power and began enforcing his zero tolerance policy towards drug trafficking and drug use.

Clearly, Duterte’s anti-drug campaign has caught the attention of some in Taiwan, with Chen Renzhi opting to take the risk to use Duterte as a campaign image in hopes of getting attention, and making an impression on voters in his community.

The poster reads “Cherish Life, Refuse Drugs” and includes a cartoon character with the Chinese character for “drug” (毒) crossed out between images of Chen and a stony faced Duterte mid-speech with his hands in front of him.

The photos of the campaign truck were taken over the weekend of the Dragon Boat Festival and shared on Facebook by user Nieviv Sucuaje.

Philippine President Duterte appears on Taiwanese campaign poster
(Photo from FB page of Nieviv Sucuaje)

It remains to be seen how effective the campaign strategy will be come November, but it will be interesting to see if Chen and his Duterte posters will garner more or less votes than Chen Ching-mi (陳清茂), running for City Councilor in Kaohsiung with the help of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

Philippine President Duterte appears on Taiwanese campaign poster
(Photo courtesy of Another Side of Taiwan)

Updated : 2021-12-03 13:24 GMT+08:00