C-Lab offers workshops in collaboration of Taiwan-French art groups

French art group YWC works with local artists to rethink design of former Air Force base

YWC gave tour in C-Lab (photo credit/ Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab)

YWC gave tour in C-Lab (photo credit/ Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News)– Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab invited the French art group Yes We Camp (YWC) to explore sustainable development and redesign the layout of a former Air Force base with the help of local organizations.

In April of this year the Ministry of Culture announced that an a former Air Force base which has been converted into an innovation space would change its name to the Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab (C-Lab), announced .

(Image from Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab)

There will be four workshops held in C-Lab, including subjects such as: society reform, virtual reality/ hackathon, and augmented reality and digital publishing, as well as a workshop titled 104 Cent Quatre.

Society reform

The society reform workshop has invited YWC to explore and give presentations based on the topics of city planning, green energy and building remodeling. The final outcome will be displayed in C-Lab. Those who are interested in architecture, art and design can also sign up to volunteer at the event. The opening stage of the workshop will run from June 12-21. The second stage will run from September 8-17.

There are limited places available for each period. People who are interested in participating can visit the official website for more information.

Virtual reality/hackathon

Participants in the virtual reality workshop/hackathon, led by the French group Wonda VR, will produce a virtual reality short film in 48 hours.

The 104 Cent Quatre event will focus on how to rebuild C-Lab with multidisciplinary artists. In addition, there will be workshops and talks with with other residency artists.

Augmented reality and digital publishing

In the augmented reality and digital publish workshop, the French group Julie Stephen Chheng will lead the exploration AR technology with 100 design stickers. French publisher, L’Apprimerie, will be present to share their experience in digital printing and commercial business strategy.

For more details of the upcoming workshop, please check C-Lab facebook regularly.

Activity setting up. (Photo from Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab)

First Intersection with YWC and the public

On June 19, YWC led the public in exploring C-Lab and discovering the possibility of sustainable development inside the area. The backgrounds of the members of YWC span an number of fields, such as architecture engineering, visual design, and art.

Feedback from the public. (Photo from Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab)

Artists who are looking for funding can go to the C-Lab website. The organization is calling for applications from residency artists. The deadline for the "Creator Residency Research and Creation Program" is June 29.

(Image from Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab)