Taiwanese woman on working holiday in Aus. reportedly raped by job interviewer

The incident occurred at a hotel in Darwin, Australia in October, only four days after the 29 year old woman arrived in the country

Exterior of the Mantra Pandanas hotel (Image from hotel website)

Exterior of the Mantra Pandanas hotel (Image from hotel website)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – A Taiwanese woman hoping for a positive start to her working holiday experience in Australia reported that she was raped during her job interview after only four days in the country.

The incident occurred in Darwin, Australia at the Mantra Pandanas hotel where the woman, aged 29, was applying for a housekeeping job. The accused in the incident is a 34 year old man, surnamed Baradas, who was conducting the employment interview.

According to reports, the man allegedly asked the woman “What can you do to convince me to hire you?” before forcing himself on her.

The man allegedly made inappropriate advances and after seeing on her CV that she had experience as a masseuse, he asked for a demonstration. Afterward, Baradas insisted that it was “her turn to be massaged,” and the woman reluctantly lied down on the bed.

The man then told her to roll over and take off her clothing, and proceeded to engage in sexual intercourse. The woman was reportedly raped twice in the bedroom suite of the hotel.

The incident occurred in October 2017, and trial proceedings recently began in the Northern Territory Supreme Court. The man, who is married, has plead not guilty to two counts of rape, according to the Daily Mail.

The report states that the man’s lawyer, surnamed Maley, says that the prosecution must prove Baradas knew the act was not consensual, while the woman’s attorney, surnamed Greary, says that the woman has evidence to prove she did not consent.

Baradas’ lawyer was quoted as saying “You might not like him, you might think he's sleazy, you might think he's having an affair behind his poor wife's back, all those things may be true, but that's not the issue.”