Councilor of Taichung in central Taiwan calls for formulating regulations to rein in e-bikes


(Wikimedia Commons photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News)—Is there any law in Taiwan that can hold electric bicycles, which ramp about the streets of the country, in check?

Taichung Mayor Lin Chia-lung (林佳龍) said in the city council on Tuesday that besides enforcing current regulations applying to e-bikes, the city government will call for the central government to initiate legislation for comprehensive e-bike regulation, according to media reports.

Taichung City Councilor Lai Yi-huang (賴義鍠) said during a council meeting that e-bikes are migrant workers’ favorite transportation tool as riding an e-bike, which can go quite fast, requires no plate on the vehicle, no driver’s license, and there is no age limit for the rider. E-bikes are ramping around city streets with no laws to regulate them, he said, calling for the city government to come up with specific measures that can rein in the vehicle, the reports said.

In response, the mayor kicked the can down the road and said the city government will ask the central government to introduce legislation to comprehensively regular e-bikes, the reports said.

Taichung Transportation Bureau Director-General Wang Yi-chuan (王義川) said that according to the statute governing road traffic, e-bikes are regulated as “slow moving vehicle” just like regular bicycles, according to the reports. However, he said the Ministry of Transportation and Communications has been planning to make amendments to the law to require registration of e-bikes and display of license plates and make new regulations that can apply nationally.

Taichung Police Department Commissioner Yang Yuan-ming (楊源明) said as e-bikes are regulated as regular bicycles, e-bike riders also have to obey relevant regulations, including two-stage left turns, violation of which can be fined NT$300 – 600, according to the reports.