British con artist retracts fake apology, restarts videos of Taiwanese women, breaks law

British con artist rescinds bogus apology, deliberately tosses litter on camera, harasses Taiwanese women in Taipei

(Screenshot from YouTube video)

(Screenshot from YouTube video)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- A mere two days after issuing a fake video apology, a British con artist, who has uploaded a number of exploitive videos of Taiwanese women he met on the streets of Taipei, has retracted the bogus apology and resumed shooting videos, including footage of him tossing litter and jaywalking.

Going by the handle "Explorer Nick," 28-year-old vlogger, Nicholas Coakley, who also uses the name Mark Birkley, is an apprentice of infamous con artist David Bond. Like Bond, Coakley has been accused by some of not receiving their permission to have their faces shown in his videos, such as a woman in Thailand.

In a video released on June 17, just two days after his so-called "apology" was published on June 15, Coakley included the following description:

"I decided to retract on my apology, Taiwan is too much fun, and I want to enjoy myself here more. I think I let it get to me too much, anyway let's go out and party!"

In the new video, Coakley goes out of his way to mock the laws and social norms in Taiwan by littering and jaywalking. In an intentional reference to streamer CJayride's littering and a British man who was recently chastised for tossing a banana peel from a car, Coakley also chucks a banana peel on the street and justifies it by saying, "It's biodegradable."

Violators caught littering in Taipei can be fined between NT$1,200 to NT$6,000, according to the Solid Waste Disposal Act.

Coakley then complains that unlike Bangkok, people in Taipei wait at red lights and then he and Bond jaywalk across a major intersection in Xinyi District within sight of Taipei 101. The rest of the video consists of Coakley showing off his Trump hat and several failed attempts at "picking up" Taiwanese women.

On the same day, Coakley also released a video in which he targets a woman exiting a yoga class. After exchanging contact information, the video cuts to later that evening with the girl seen walking with him toward the apartment where he is staying with Bond, and once inside, Coakley can be seen bizarrely prancing around in a unicorn costume.

He also released a video which plays audio of a call by a foreign national who was disturbed by his behavior, while displaying a montage of videos of woman who had previously complained about being filmed without his permission.

Bond and Coakley originally arrived in Taiwan on June 7 to shoot a series of videos purportedly showing them successfully obtaining contact information of Taiwanese women, and in some cases implying that they engaged in sex after just meeting. For the following three days, Coakley posted multiple videos showing his encounters with young Taiwanese women, until news reports started surfacing on June 10 that he was exploiting Taiwanese women on camera and directing traffic to a paid website claiming "Taiwan girls are easy."

Taiwanese women featured in the videos started reporting on social media and to Taiwan News that they had not given their permission to be filmed in such videos. By the evening of June 14, the pressure appeared to have been sufficient enough to convince him to remove all the videos he had shot of Taiwanese women from both his Explorer Nick and Explorer Nick Uncut YouTube accounts.

On June 15, Coakley issued the short-lived apology statement and video.