Top 5 countries Taiwanese like and hate the most

Singapore tops list of most liked countries by Taiwanese, North Korea most hated

Singapore flag with like symbol. (Wikimedia Commons and Kisspng)

Singapore flag with like symbol. (Wikimedia Commons and Kisspng)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- The Taiwan Public Opinion Foundation on Sunday (June 17) released the results of a survey of the countries Taiwanese like and dislike the most, with Singapore coming out as the most liked and North Korea being deemed the most hated, though perceptions of the communist country improved slightly this year.

The poll, released by the non-governmental and non-profit institute, revealed that Taiwanese have the most favorable opinion of Singapore at 88.2 percent, followed by Japan (84.5 percent), Canada (82.3 percent), the European Union (74.8 percent) and the United States (70.6 percent) rounding out the top five. The country that Taiwanese hate the most is North Korea at 70.9 percent, followed by the Philippines (52.9 percent), China (43.9 percent), South Korea (33.8 percent) and Russia (29.7 percent).

Though North Korea is still the most hated country in Taiwan, its favorable rating increased by 11 percent over last year, while the percentage of those who disliked it decreased by 10.7 percent. Representatives of the foundation at a press conference told the media that the improved impression of North Korea may be due to the recent summit between North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and U.S. President Donald Trump on June 12.

North Korean flag with forbidden symbol on top. (Wikimedia Commons and Public Domain Files)

Though China is still in third place on the most hated list, the net positive impression of China has moved into positive territory at 4.9 percent since last year, as the percentage of those disliking it have decreased from 47.4 percent to 43.9 percent, and the those liking it have increased from 44.4 percent to 48.8 percent. Peng Huei-en (彭懷恩), a part-time visiting professor at Shih Hsin University's Department of Journalism, said that a perceived improvement in China's economy and job prospects for new college graduates had an effect on improving the impression of China for some.

Countries Taiwanese like the most:

1. Singapore

2. Japan

3. Canada

4. European Union

5. United States

Countries Taiwanese hate the most

1. North Korea

2. Philippines

3. China

4. South Korea

5. Russia

The survey also questioned participants on political party affiliation and the result was that 29.5 percent identified with the Democratic Progressive Party, 23.2 with the Kuomintang and 43.7 percent do not have loyalty to a particular party.