4 steps to take on Dragon Boat Festival to have prosperous rest of year

4 steps to take on Dragon Boat Festival to have good luck for rest of year

Woman bathing. (Image from pxhere.com)

Woman bathing. (Image from pxhere.com)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Today is the Dragon Boat Festival on the lunisolar calendar, which is a good time to make an effort at bringing good luck and changing misfortune into fortune for the rest of the year, according to numerology expert Tang Chen-wei (湯鎮瑋) in an interview with Apple Daily.

Tang said that although the Dragon Boat Festival is known as the "evil day" (惡日) and is a time when yang energy is at its height, it is also a good time to try to bring about good luck and turn misfortune into fortune for the second half of the year. The following are four steps people can take to bring about good fortune for the rest of the year on this day:

1. Colored salts

Colored salts help cleanse "dirty qi" (穢氣). Place five colors of salts in a clear bottle on the headboard of a bed or in the money-making spot in the following sequence: green (symbolizing career), red (symbolizing popularity), yellow (symbolizing wealth), white (symbolizing fame), and blue (symbolizing health). This will help improve good luck for the rest of the year.

2. Lucky bamboo

Place a lucky bamboo plant in the southeast corner of the home and put money inside the pot to help boost business this year.

3. Noon bath

The Dragon Boat Festival is a good day to take a bath to wash away "dirty Qi" (穢氣). It is best to bathe between the hours of 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. on this day to get the most benefit. In addition, when bathing one can add boiled wormwood or citronella, which will also help to cleanse away dirty Qi.

4. Wear gold and silver

Because the air is hot and dry during the Dragon Boat Festival, it's easy to become impatient, therefore it is good to wear gold and silver on the body after the festival is over to symbolize good luck and good fortune. In addition, wearing a pinky ring will help ward off bad things and bad people.