Photo of the Day: Riding the dragon to victory

Woman smiles after grabbing the flag and sealing the victory for her team at dragon boat race in Taipei

Woman rides dragon head.

Woman rides dragon head. (By Central News Agency)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- In the photo above, a woman is all smiles after grabbing the flag for her team as it took first place in the 2018 Taipei International Dragon Boat Race today (June 18) in the women's large dragon boat semi-final.

The photo below captures the moment just before she snatched the flag ahead of all other teams to put her boat in first place in the semi-final.

Woman grabs flag to help her team win first place. (CNA image)

When a dragon boat is 20 meters within a flag, a designated flag catcher from the crew scrambles forward and leans on the dragon head to extend their body as far forward as possible to snatch the flag as quickly as they can.