A family of five escapes death after a falling rock crushed their SUV in central Taiwan


TAIPEI (Taiwan)—A family of five, including a baby, got the best out of the worst situation they could have encountered on Sunday when they escaped death after their SUV was hit and badly crushed by a massive falling rock on a mountain road in central Taiwan.

Taichung City Government stated in a news release today (June 17) that it received a report at 12:54 p.m. that a SUV was hit by a huge falling rock on a temporary construction side road off the Central Cross-Island Highway, and there were people trapped inside the car. Taichung Fire Bureau, upon receiving the report, dispatched six ambulances and 16 personnel to rescue the victims, the city government said.

Rescuers said that the witness who reported the incident found a SUV hit by a rock weighing about 500 kilograms on the mountainous road below the Deji Reservoir and there was a family of five in the car, according to the city government. Of the five, the driver surnamed Lin, who suffered only minor injuries, helped the three on the backseat, including a six-month-old baby in a child safety seat, get out of the car, but his wife was pinned in the distorted passenger seat, the city government said.

The witness who was driving behind the SUV when the accident happened helped transport the baby, who suffered from lacerations in the head, and an uninjured family member down the mountains and transferred them to an ambulance for further transportation to a hospital.

The rescuers on the scene destroyed the distorted vehicle with machines and tools, and successfully got the woman out of the passenger seat at around 2 p.m., the city government said. The woman, who suffered from foot fractures and distortion but was conscious, was rushed to a hospital, the city government said, adding that the injured three in the accident were fortunate as their injuries were not life-threatening.

(photo courtesy of Taichung Fire Bureau/CNA)