Digital Art Center Taipei reopens with AVAT collaboration

Digital Art Center Taipei shifts focus onto culture, education, and art

New media artist turned mosquito lamps into installation work "The Death of Light"

New media artist turned mosquito lamps into installation work "The Death of Light"

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The Association of the Visual Arts in Taiwan (AVAT) has entered into a new collaboration with the Digital Art Center Taipei (DAC.TW) as of this June.

The first exhibition “Lifetime Warranty - The Romance of Home Appliances,” curated by Walking Grass Agriculture, showcases the work of Taiwanese multidisciplinary artists. Each piece rethinks the relationship between digital art and people through electronics.

DAC.TW in Zhishan district (Image from Taiwan News)

This is the second collaboration of the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Art and Walking Grass Agriculture. Even though the main curator, Liu SingYou (劉星佑), has no digital art academic background, he has experience planning similar events. The exhibition of “Lifetime Warranty” focuses on cultural symbols to tell stories that are close to people’s daily life.

DAC.TW, AVAC and contemporary art artists (Image by Taiwan News)

The concept of the exhibition is based on the modern high technology. The 11 artists posed questions about the possibility of gaining a permanent warranty on appliances. Some of the artworks were previously shown at the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts and the National Science and Technology Museum.

Visual design of "Lifetime Warranty- The Romance of Home Appliances" (Image by DAC.TW)

Artwork: "After The Foaming Weariness” by Chu ChunTeng (朱駿騰) (Image by Taiwan News)

The eight pieces in the show opened discussions about the connection between space, people, and appliances. For example, “After The Foaming Weariness” by Chu ChunTeng (朱駿騰) showcased a burned out adaptor which represented a piece of Chu that has been abandoned over time.

Another installation, “The Death of Light” by Peng YiHsuan (彭弈軒), filled part of the showroom with mosquito lamps. “Is it mosquitos or art that the audience is waiting for?” asked by the artist.

Artwork: “Full HD TV-Buddha”by Kuo IChen (郭弈臣) (Photo by Taiwan News)

A new media piece, “Full HD TV-Buddha” by Kuo IChen (郭弈臣), was a dedication to the deceased video artist, Paik NamJune (白南准). Kuo deliberately put two screens facing each other. One was a dated multifunction CRT TV screen while the other was a screen playing high quality images. The work reexamined the deserted objects that people overlook.

This event will last until August 4. Until then there will be workshops and talks held for the pubic, such as a live sound art performance and interdisciplinary curating talk on July 6 and a DIY maintenance workshop on July 21.

The DAC.TW is open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. every Tuesday through Saturday.