'White Wolf' presents Mayor's Award at Taipei elementary graduation ceremony, causes outrage

The famous gangster turned pro-China politician was attending his granddaughter's graduation ceremony, and was asked to present the award which immediately turned to controversy

Chang An-lo, the White Wolf, giving the Mayor's Award to students (Image from Chang An-lo's FB group)

Chang An-lo, the White Wolf, giving the Mayor's Award to students (Image from Chang An-lo's FB group)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The well-known and controversial figure of the “White Wolf” (白狼), a notorious gangster turned pro-China politician is grabbing headlines for his involvement in an elementary school graduation ceremony that occurred on Friday, June 15.

“White Wolf,” whose real name is Chang An-lo (張安樂), attended the graduation ceremony of his granddaughter at the Affiliated Elementary School of the National Taipei University of Education. For reasons that are unclear, Chang was given the honor of presenting the Mayor’s Award to students at the ceremony.

Hearing the news, several city councilors and members of the public immediately questioned why a figure like Chang would be given such an opportunity to represent Taipei City and Mayor Ko Wen-je.

The very next day after the incident, the Principal of the elementary school Chang Lin-cheng (長林正) immediately sent a resignation letter to the President of the National Taipei University of Education to “take full responsibility” for the incident.

The school also posted a notice to its website apologizing for its lack of consideration in allowing Chang to present the award, stating that a local municipal representative would have been more appropriate, reports CNA.

CNA reports that DPP Legislator Ruan Jhao-syong (阮昭雄) was especially bothered by the news, and has asked Mayor Ko Wen-je and the Ministry of Education to look into the incident, implying that some manner of negligence on their part is the reason the controversial figure was able to participate in the elementary school graduation ceremony.

Reports indicate that the decision to invite Chang on stage to present the award was a momentary lapse of reason on the part of the principal and school administrators. It was reportedly was made shortly before the ceremony with little thought given to the political optics of the situation.

The academic director of the elementary school, Chen Jian-ting (陳建廷) expressed apologies on behalf of the school. He told CNA reporters that the situation would be properly handled within the University, and that he was unaware that Principal Lin had expressed any intention of resigning.

The school's Academic Affairs Director (陳建廷) giving a public apology for the incident (CNA Image)

Chang An-lo is a former leader of the Bamboo Union gang in Taiwan. He fled authorities to Shenzhen in 1996, where he lived in exile until 2013, when he returned to Taiwan.

After establishing the China Unity Promotion Party in China, we decided to return to Taiwan to oversee the development of the political party in Taiwan, risking the legal consequences.

He was immediately arrested upon his return in 2013, but has since been released on bail, allowing him the opportunity to pursue his political career, and to make regular headlines.