British con artist records fake video apology for 'insulting Taiwanese women'

British con artist Explorer Nick records fake video apology for 'hurting Taiwan and its people'

Nick Coakley. (Screenshot from Coakley's apology video on YouTube)

Nick Coakley. (Screenshot from Coakley's apology video on YouTube)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- A British con artist, who has uploaded a number of exploitive videos of Taiwanese women he met on the streets of Taipei, yesterday (June 15) recorded a fake video apology following complaints from his victims and threats from netizens, which he subsequently retracted two days later.

Going by the handle "Explorer Nick," 28-year-old vlogger, Nicholas Coakley is an apprentice of infamous con artist David Bond. Like Bond, Coakley has been accused by some of not receiving their permission to have their faces shown in his videos, such as a woman in Thailand. Bond and Coakley arrived in Taiwan on June 7 to shoot a series of videos purportedly showing them successfully obtaining contact information of Taiwanese women and in some cases implying that they engaged in sex after just meeting.

For the following three days Coakley, who also goes by the name Mark Birkley, posted multiple videos showing his encounters with young Taiwanese women, until news reports started surfacing on June 10 that he was exploiting Taiwanese women on camera and directing traffic to a paid website claiming "Taiwan girls are easy."

Coakley making racist facial expression (left) with victim (right). (Screenshot YouTube)

Taiwanese women featured in the videos started reporting on social media and to Taiwan News that they had not given their permission to be filmed in such videos.

By the evening of June 14, the pressure appears to have been sufficient enough to convince him to remove all the videos he had shot of Taiwanese women from both his Explorer Nick and Explorer Nick Uncut YouTube accounts.

The next day, Coakley issued a statement apologizing for his actions to Taiwan News in which he wrote the following:

"I'm sorry for hurting Taiwan and its people. I am sorry for insulting Taiwanese women and the women in my videos, and I am sorry for trying to profit out of them with"

Regarding the website he had created claiming that Taiwanese girls were easy, he described it as "a disgusting website that I'll be deleting next week as my web developer is on holiday for his religious holiday. It actually ended up costing me money and I am ashamed of what I put inside."

That same day, Coakley issued a fake video apology on YouTube, which was quickly retracted two days later.