Taoyuan Airport Access MRT artistic makeover unveiled

Airport MRT express train now features artwork by Edinburgh-based Taiwanese artist

Tourism Bureau and Taoyuan metro are promoting Taiwanese traveling business with the aid of indigenous art.

Tourism Bureau and Taoyuan metro are promoting Taiwanese traveling business with the aid of indigenous art.

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The Tourism Bureau unveiled the new look of the Taoyuan Metro Airport Access MRT today, June 17.

The Bureau invited Taiwanese indigenous artist, Yo Si-fu (優席夫), to design the new look of the Airport MRT in order to promote tourism. The painted train is now in service and aims to provide passengers with a relaxing atmosphere while on board.

(Image by Taiwan News)

The amount of tourists in Taiwan has increased over the years and therefore the amount of passengers who use the Airport MRT is growing too. The beauty visible from aboard the Airport MRT will give travelers a glimpse into Taiwanese culture, according to the Director of the Bureau, Chou Yung-hui (周永暉).

The design concepts of the regular and express train are different. As 2018 is the year of promoting bay tourism, both the inside and the outside of the regular train is covered with ocean scenery. The express train has a Hualien city theme, created by Taiwanese artist, Yo Si-fu (優席夫). The inside of the train is covered with breathtaking scenery from Hualien city and has become a popular place to take pictures.

Scanning the QR code inside the train to get more information (Image by Taiwan News)

Commuters and travelers can begin to plan their next trip while aboard the train with their smartphones, said Chou. This September, The Most Beautiful Bays in the World 2018 Congress will be held in Penghu.

Inside the ocean-like regular train (photo by Taiwan News)

As an Ami (阿美族) from Hualien, Yo felt honored and pleased to work on this project. He has been dedicated to promoting Taiwanese culture globally while he resides in Edinburgh. By having this unique opportunity to create public art of his hometown, he wanted to build aesthetic confidence in Taiwanese people and introduce local art to everyone. Once again, he suggested that the government should pay more attention on pushing local art to the world market.

Inside the express with popular Hualien scenery- transparent passage above the sea. (Image by Taiwan News)

"It is very wise to promote Taiwanese tourism with the help of art," said the chairman of Taoyuan Airport Metro, Liu Kun-yi (劉坤億). The beauty of the express train made Liu wish to return to Hualien right away. Liu has great confidence in the future of the beautiful train.