Diabetic patients advised against eating two zongzis for a meal


(By Central News Agency)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News)—Making and eating zongzis is a popular tradition during the Dragon Boat Festival season in Taiwan, but diabetic patients are advised to refrain from eating too many of them a day, with two for a meal being considered too many.

A 62-year-old diabetic patient surnamed Tseng ate two zongzis for a meal, and his blood sugar reading soared to 300mg/dl, a media report said.

Cheng Xiu-ying (鄭秀英), a dietitian at the Feng Yuan Hospital, said that there are 400-600 calories in a zongzi sold at markets.

Cheng added that eating two zongzis for a meal will cause the blood sugar level of any patient with diabetes to go up, burdening their heart, kidneys and other organs.

The dietitian advised diabetic patients that they not eat over one zongzi for a meal, and increase intakes of vegetables and fiber-rich food to avoid abdominal pain caused by eating too much zongzi that contains glutinous rice.