Streamer ‘CJayride’ confronted by foreigner during Computex Taipei

CJayride told ‘don’t give us a bad name’


Robb, left, in confrontation with unknown man (Youtube User: CJayride)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – American streamer "CJayride" was confronted by a foreigner who urged him to "don't give us a bad name" at Computex Taipei on June 7.

Chris James Robb, who goes by the online handle "CJayride" said the confrontation was the "direct result of fake news" in a YouTube video.

Robb's streaming and actions have made him an unpopular figure in Taiwan, according to Apple Daily. 

The confrontation occurred during Robb's live stream of his attendance at Computex Taipei, one of the world's largest computer trade shows.

An unidentified foreign man walks up to Robb and says "be good in Taiwan, okay."

Robb in confrontation with unknown man (Youtube user: CJayride)

"Don't give us a bad name" and "go back to your own … country" he adds.

Robb was previously in the public eye for littering and allegedly secretly filming women on the MRT and for streaming a five-way Jacuzzi party.

Robb was mistakenly permitted entrance to Computex as a keyboard merchant, according to Apple Daily.