Taiwan to reshuffle military intelligence chiefs amid China pressure

Military Intelligence Bureau chief to retire by the end of June


President Tsai Ing-wen during a visit to the Military Intelligence Bureau (photo from the president's Facebook page). (By Central News Agency)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – At least three of the military’s top intelligence officials are due to retire before the end of this year, forcing a reshuffle as China keeps sending its warships and fighter jets close to Taiwan.

Military Intelligence Bureau chief Liu Te-liang (劉德良) should retire by the end of this month as he reaches the age of 60, the United Daily News reported.

The chief of the military police, Hsu Chang (許昌), is scheduled to retire in September, while General Political Warfare Department head Wen Chen-kuo (聞振國) should leave in November. A fourth officer, Communication Development Office chief Liu Te-chin (劉德金), was expected to be moved, according to the UDN report.

During Liu Te-liang’s term, military intelligence dispelled the image that it was only conducting “signal intelligence,” but also succeeded in winning important human sources of information, leading to rewards from government as well as efficient measures to help agents, the report said.

There were five men under consideration to succeed Liu, though no choice had officially been made yet.

After his retirement from the intelligence world, he would be posted to a senior management job at a company related to the government’s veterans affairs department, while he would also be subject to a 10-year ban on visiting China, UDN reported.