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LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jun 13, 2018--Quantzig, a global analytics solutions provider, has announced the completion of their latest article on the top four game-changing tech trends in the telecommunication industry.

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In the current scenario, the telecommunication industry has already established itself as one of the most significant sectors in the world. Also, it’s safe to say that the telecommunications industry is still a chief driver for growth in some of the world’s most progressive countries. Given how important mobile phones have become, there is no looking back for the telecommunication industry. Additionally, tech trends such as consumer-driven data consumption, powered by live video streaming and the rise of increased reality apps like Pokémon GO, has soared and put extraordinary pressure on networks providers. In this blog, Quantzig has listed the top four game-changing tech trends in the telecommunication industry.

According to the telecommunication industry experts at Quantzig, “As infrastructure improvements to both mobile and broadband technologies continue, the global telecommunication sector will continue its transformation process in the upcoming year as well.”

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Top game-changing tech trends in the telecommunication industry

Unleashing the power of 5G: The pressure of IoT on top of our avid desire for streaming videos will undeniably devastate 4G LTE. With many companies in the telecommunication industry around the world developing their 5G architecture and starting their field tests later this year, 2018 will see the very first wave of commercial offerings being launched amongst extensive trials of the technology. The race for 5G is on and will continue at pace in 2018. 5G is expected to be about 10x faster than 4G, with download speeds of around 10 GBPS. Testing of 5G has just started and it won’t be available until 2020, so hopefully, WiFi will help fill in the gaps until then. Cloud computing: Providers in the telecommunication industry are looking at some great challenges and opportunities when it comes to tech trends like cloud computing. They can possibly use the cloud to bring higher quality, more flexible, and more scalable enterprise IT services at a lower cost when compared with on-premise solutions. For the consumers, there’s a big prospect for providers in the telecommunication industry to offer more cloud-based services that can be retrieved, updated, and purchased from anywhere.
to know more about the top 4 game-changing tech trends in the telecommunication industry. Digitization in customer support: Customer support is the most popular service clients are looking for when calling their telecom provider’s call center. The whole process can be slow and unfriendly for both sides. Not to mention that sometimes the problem remains, even after the call. Future analytics-based digital support centers are already in use by some of the top global telecom operators. They have set-up classy systems to track and predict problems of customers. This new approach gives users self-service capabilities to solve questions and difficulties on their own. Visit , to view a comprehensive list of the top four game-changing tech trends in the telecommunication industry.

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