‘Coolest job in Taiwan’ recruiting activity to close soon, interested people mustn't hesitate


(By Central News Agency)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News)—With the closing date of “the coolest job in Taiwan”—playing hosts to Taiwan 10 charming islands—recruiting activity being only 11 days from now, the activity organizer Taiwan’s Tourism Bureau is urging interested people to grab the fading opportunity and apply for the job.

Any Taiwan national or foreigner over 20 years old is qualified to apply, according to the Tourism Bureau.

As Taiwan has many offshore islands that are rich in marine ecology and cultural landscapes, the agency has been pushing to increase tourism in these islands since the beginning of this year. The agency especially picked “10 charming islands” as the targets of the promotion.

The 10 charming offshore islands chosen by the Tourism Bureau include Turtle Island, Green Island, Orchid Island, Xiaoliuqiu, Qimei Island, Yuwongdao (Xiyu), Jibei Island, Lieyu Island, Beigan Island and Dongju Island.

The agency on June 1 launched a recruitment activity to hire 10 people who will play hosts to these 10 islands, with one on each island.

The top job responsibilities of the island hosts are to explore the islands and report distinguishing features of the islands to the outside world through words and video for the purpose of promoting and marketing these islands, according to the Tourism Bureau.

The agency said the job duration is seven days, and the pay is NT$5,000 per day, adding that applicants can choose the islands they like to apply.

During a press conference to publicize the recruiting event on Wednesday, Tourism Bureau Director-General Chou Yung-hui (周永暉) said it is worthwhile even if you take a seven-day leave from your current job to be an island host.

Currently 78 people have applied for the job since the recruitment began two weeks ago, the agency said, adding it is hoped that more people will apply.

In Wednesdays' press conference, the Tourism Bureau also premiered a promotional video for the island of Xiaoliuqiu.

The official recruitment website (Chinese) was launched on June 1, the agency said, reminding the public that the application ends on June 24.

(photo by CNA)

Video courtesy of the Tourism Bureau