Photo of the Day: Quiet moment in Taipei's Longshan Temple

Quiet moment captured in Taipei's Longshan Temple

Longshan Temple. (Photo by Instgram user @BrandonL)

Longshan Temple. (Photo by Instgram user @BrandonL)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- An American English teacher captured this serene image of an elderly woman lighting candles inside Taipei's venerable Longshan Temple on Sunday evening (June 10).

The photographer, Brandon, 27, said that the image was captured after the rain had stopped on Sunday night. While taking a stroll around the temple's grounds, he noticed the woman lighting candles and though it was a "nice quiet moment" in a temple that is often crowded with hordes of worshippers and tourists alike.

The temple was originally built in 1738, as a branch temple of a pre-existing Longshan Temple in Chin-Chiang, Fujian, China. Throughout its existence and many instances of damage, reconstruction and expansion, the site has remained an important cultural and religious center for the descendants of the original Chinese immigrants from Fujian.

On May 31, 1945, the temple was bombed during the Raid on Taipei the largest allied air raid on Japanese-occupied Taipei (then known as Taihoku) during WWII, but the statue of temple's principle deity, Guanyin, survived.

Guanyin is a bohdisattva dedicated to mercy and compassion who is receptive to virtually any concern or distress someone may have. Besides Guanyin, the temple complex is a veritable hall of fame for many of the most celebrated, (and likewise most consulted) deities in Taiwan.

(Photo by Instgram user @BrandonL)