Delegation from Taiwan Power Company arrives in Port au Prince, Haiti

The Taipower technicians will conduct preliminary surveys and draft plans for nationwide electrical power grid in the country


TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – In a good sign for Taiwan’s diplomatic relations with the Republic of Haiti, representatives and technicians from the Taiwan Power Company (Taipower) have arrived in Port au Prince to begin the necessary surveys that will lay the ground work for a new national electricity grid.

Haitian President Jovenel Moise welcomed the 21 person delegation to the country on Monday, June 8 to begin final planning and preliminary work on the national power grid project.

Moise recently made a five day state visit to meet with the Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen from May 28 to June 1. He was greeted with state honors and signed a joint communiqué with Tsai signaling increased cooperation and a strong affirmation of diplomatic ties.

During his visit, Taiwan pledged US$150 million to assist with Haiti’s electrical power grid, a much needed infrastructural development for the nation.

Now technicians are on the ground in Port au Prince reviewing plans for what President Moise says will require the installation of “600 kilometers of cables in record time.”

The Taipower delegation will be presenting their finalized reports for approval to Haiti’s National Regulatory Authority of the Energy Sector, and Electricity of Haiti company, according to local media outlet Haiti Libre.

President Moise reportedly made a promise to the people of Haiti that he would deliver a stable electrical power grid to the country during his term in office he would provide Haitian people with electricity 24/7.

In the joint communiqué signed by President Moise and President Tsai, article four stated that “a high-level working group to build a new partnership and alliance” would be dispatched “within 60 days the framework and new terms of cooperation” to carry out work assisting Haiti to achieve its economic and infrastructural development goals.

With less than two weeks since Moise’s departure from Taiwan, it appears the Tsai administration is keen to keep their end of the bargain, in a move that is surely a good sign for diplomatic relations between the two countries.

While he was visiting Taiwan at the end of May, Moise stated that“Haiti is willing to strengthen cooperative partnership with Taiwan so that the relationship between the two countries can be long-lasting and robust.”