Online reservation site Agoda to remove illegal Taipei hotels

Expedia and expected to follow suit

Reservation websites will help Taipei City crack down on illegal hotels.

Reservation websites will help Taipei City crack down on illegal hotels. (By Central News Agency)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The Taipei City Government and online reservation group Agoda have reached an agreement to remove illegal or unregistered hotels in the Taiwanese capital from the website, the Apple Daily reported Tuesday.

A similar agreement was in the works with Expedia, while the city said it would also approach to reach the same consensus, according to the newspaper.

The city government said it had prepared a list of illegal hotels in Taipei to pass on to the reservation websites, while they had promised they would help consumers who had already booked a room there to find other, legal, accommodation.

As Agoda had promised to take the illegal hotels off its site or to lock them so consumers could no longer book rooms, Expedia said it would send the city’s list to its legal department at headquarters in the United States, the Apple Daily reported.

Last year, a total of 128 illegal hotels or bed and breakfasts were sanctioned, while since the introduction of new regulations in November until last month, another 53 were cautioned. A total of 34 of those had stopped operations just before the city shut off their water and electricity, seven had been regularized, and 12 other cases were still being dealt with, officials told the Apple Daily.