Taiwan’s ITRI taps 3D printing technology to give patients ‘a helping hand’

Products being developed include hand aids, simulators, surgical guides, and medical implants


Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) collaborates with Mackay Memorial Hospital in putting 3D printing into medical uses (CNA)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) has joined hands with Mackay Memorial Hospital in developing hand aid devices employing the technology of 3D printing.

According to Executive Vice President of ITRI Chang Pei-zen (張培仁), 3D printing, though mostly used in industrial design, will contribute greatly to both society and the welfare of patients with special needs when incorporated into the production of assistive gadgets for medical uses.

Chang added that providing comfort for users is a vital part when it comes to design of assistive devices, reported Central News Agency. He took the opportunity to thank Mackay Memorial Hospital for collaborating with the institution in developing assistive hand helpers.

Compared to devices manufactured using traditional techniques, 3D printed gadgets can be made to individual specifications, while functioning better in terms of fixity, fitness, and breathability, ITRI official Hong Chi-pin (洪基彬) noted.

In addition, the amount of time spent on 3D printed modeling during the process of assistive gadget manufacturing will be drastically reduced to 30 minutes, instead of four hours using traditional technologies.

Hong pointed out that ITRI has rolled out four hand aid devices and plans to develop more 3D printed medical equipment including simulators, surgical guides, and medical implants, reported Central News Agency.