US Senators Gardner and Rubio congratulate Taiwan on new AIT complex

Speaking on the Senate floor, both senators remarked that the new building is testament to the long-standing friendship between Taiwan and the USA

Sen. Gardner introduces the new AIT complex on the Senate floor (Screengrab from C-Span)

Sen. Gardner introduces the new AIT complex on the Senate floor (Screengrab from C-Span)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Two U.S. Republican Senators spoke on the Senate floor on June 11 and expressed their congratulations and best wishes for the new complex of the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT), which was unveiled in Taipei on Tuesday, June 12.

Senator Cory Gardner and Senator Marco Rubio took their opportunity speaking before the Senate in a session reviewing the 2019 NDAA bill to mention Taiwan, and to share their enthusiasm for the improving relationship between Taiwan and the U.S.A.

Cory Gardner, who recently visited Taiwan in late May, spoke first and took the opportunity to congratulate Taiwan on the opening of the new AIT complex in Neihu. Gardner also commended Taiwan for their emphasis on promoting regional and global health, with their pledge to donate one million U.S. dollars to fight the spread of Ebola, despite their exclusion from the World Health Organization.

Gardner is one of the co-sponsors of the recently introduced “Taiwan International Participation Act” which would instruct the U.S. State Department to take a more active role in promoting Taiwan’s participation in international organizations. He also pledged to draft a resolution that would see the entire Senate officially welcome the opening of the new AIT complex in Taiwan.

Marco Rubio in his address said that despite the fact that global attention is on the events in Singapore this week, the opening of the new AIT complex in Taiwan was an important step forward for Taiwan, and that the complex serves as a symbol of the strong friendship between Taiwan and the U.S.

Rubio also remarked on the suppressive policies of Beijing, and its efforts to poach allies through dishonest dollar diplomacy, as it aims to isolate Taiwan from the world stage. Rubio emphasized that the U.S. would continue to support Taiwan in the face of such threats as a true democratic ally and friend.

Lastly, Senator Rubio once again urged the Trump administration to send a high level official to Taiwan, in accordance with the Taiwan Travel Act, to further demonstrate the strong ties and friendship between the two countries.

Both Senators expressed their optimism for the future of U.S.-Taiwan ties, and their hope that the new AIT complex will serve as a milestone for Taiwan, and the Indo-Pacific region.