Winning design of Taiwan national ID card redesign competition receives highly polarized comments

The design award winner of the MOI's ID card redesign competition (photo courtesy of the MOI)

The design award winner of the MOI's ID card redesign competition (photo courtesy of the MOI)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News)—Taiwan’s Ministry of the Interior (MOI) Tuesday announced the winning design of the Taiwan national identification card redesign competition, but the winner has received highly polarized comments online.

The ID card redesign competition, which was organized by the MOI, received more than 1,000 entries, and designer Lu Shao-lun’s (魯少綸) work “SHAPE” emerged as the winner.

The MOI said the winning design will serve as an important reference to the design of the country’s new ID card in the future.

According to the MOI’s data, the winning design has a neat and tidy layout, and highlights important information and columns, which makes this work highly accommodating and practicable. The designer was commended for using contour lines of Yushan (Mount Jade) as the card’s shaded background.

According to the ministry, Lu’s design is simple and modern, and displays no sexual preference, which is an ideal condition for an ID card.

The MOI has announced the competition results on its Facebook page, and users of the social media have posted highly polarized comments on the winning design.

One user said, the design is “simple, comfortable and good looking,” and another said “the color combination and proportion is fresh and cool.”

But a critic of the winning design said, it “looks like an EasyCard,” and another said, SHAPE, which only got 46 online votes, won the design award, while another entry designed by Lin Hao-han (林昊翰), which garnered 97,498 votes, got only the popularity award.

The creativity award winner (photo courtesy of the MOI)

The popularity award winner (photo courtesy of the MOI)