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British con artist Explorer Nick in Taipei to target Taiwanese women

British con artists Explorer Nick and David Bond in Taiwan for two weeks to prey on Taiwanese women in their videos

YouTube video Second Day In China | Meeting Taiwanese Girls screenshot

YouTube video Second Day In China | Meeting Taiwanese Girls screenshot

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- A British con artist, who describes himself as a "pick-up artist," is now in Taiwan seeking to lure Taiwanese women into his videos and has already uploaded a number of clips of his attempts at bedding Taiwanese women he meets on the streets of Taipei.

Going by the handle "Explorer Nick," 28-year-old vlogger, Nicholas Coakley is an apprentice of infamous con artist David Bond, who had drawn the ire of many in Hong Kong, Japan, Indonesia and Taiwan for his exploitation of Asian women in his videos. Like Bond, Nick has been accused by some of not receiving their permission to have their faces shown in his videos, such as a woman in Thailand.

On June 7, Bond released a YouTube video showing him arriving in Taiwan, despite claiming that Taiwan Immigration had banned him for his the videos he made on his last trip to the country. In the description of the video, Bond writes that he and Nick are on a two-week trip to Taiwan.

On the second day of his trip on June 8, Nick released a video inaccurately titled "Second Day in China | Meeting Taiwanese Girls," during which Nick uses a line with two pairs of women that he will repeat many times in his subsequent videos, "I saw you and thought you're my type." He then asks a few Western men if Taiwanese girls are easy and one of the men says, "I guess so, yeah. I think they find foreigners very attractive. Especially tall guys like you."

At the end of Nick's first video in Taiwan, he mentions to a man that he has a hidden camera and the man indeed cannot find the camera.

On June 9, Nick released his second video of his attempts to pick-up Taiwanese women titled "Getting Number Of Fun Taiwanese Girl With Ease." The nearly six-minute-long video shows Nick continuously chatting to a Taiwanese woman in Xinyi District who was trying to ignore him by pretending to listen to music until she finally relents and gives him her LINE account as she tries to walk away.

On June 10, Nick released a video titled "EZ Tinder Date in Taiwan" purportedly showing him on a date with a Taiwanese woman he met on Tinder. During the date, Nick is seen flirting with the woman at a restaurant, before passing by Taipei 101 and ultimately going into his hotel, where he leads the woman to his bed and mentions something about the air conditioner, before the lights suddenly turn dark and link appears to a website claiming "Taiwan girls are easy."

However, the woman in the video said to Taiwan News that with the exception of the footage shot outdoors, she was not aware that she was being filmed in the rest of the video. She believes the footage shot indoors was taken with a hidden camera.

In another video titled "Taking EZ Taiwan Girl Home From Club" also released on June 10, Nick goes walks with an 18-year-old Taiwanese woman, who he claims he met at a nightclub, all the way to her apartment.

In a third video uploaded on the same date, Nick approaches a Taiwanese woman in Xinyi District and after a five minute conversation, which included a primitive attempt at Mandarin (我的普通話不好嗎? Is my Mandarin bad?), he gets her Line account.

Today, a popular Taiwanese Facebook streamer who goes by the handle mira630 (潔哥/李秉潔) posted a written account by a woman who claims to have been victimized by Nick. She said that he initially lured her in by saying that he needed help buying some medicine.

Then she says he claimed to have a problem with his air conditioner and wanted to know if she could help him fix it. When she agreed to go into his bedroom to look at the air conditioner, he tried to make a pass at her and then she said that she pushed him away and told him she needed to go see a friend.

Before she left, she noticed that he had been filming her, and when confronted, he said that he wanted to take video of things here to show to his family.

On the Taiwanese online forum PTT, a netizen who claimed to be one of the Taiwanese women in one of Nick's videos described her encounter with the pick-up artist:

"This man suddenly pulled me aside when it was raining, I was holding barbeque skewers and I was in a hurry to take them home before they spoiled. He said he came to Taiwan for fun and I said 'Oh, that's great.' He then frantically repeated 'You are my type, you are my f***ing type.' He was so rude, and so I shamelessly said in reply, 'thank you a lot of guys say that.' Then he asked if he could have my cell phone number, and I kept telling him that I did not want to give it to him, but maybe my English pronunciation was too poor. He still handed his phone to me and wanted me to give him my number. It made me think, 'What is your problem? Is there something f***ing wrong with your ears?'"

The netizen then said that Nick asked her if she wanted to "go to a club and shake it," but she refused, turned away and then left. Today she saw the video in which she was filmed and said:

"The f***er not only secretly filmed me, but the angle he used made me look hideous, I'm pissed! Then he edited the video to only show the parts where it looks like we are happily chatting! Please, at least half the girls in those videos are like me, in the end they reject him. Even if it's not half of the girls, I'm sure all the girls are like me, they don't want to be seen giving away their numbers and then mocked for being 'Easy Taiwanese Girls!'"

Updated : 2021-10-18 16:51 GMT+08:00