Funeral of Taiwanese psychic ‘Tsai Gu’ draws her legendary resurrection story to a close

An extraordinary case of a Taiwanese woman resurrected with a different spirit, who died in May; her family held a grand funeral attended by politicians and followers

An undated photo shows the couple Chu Hsiu-hua and "her husband" in living world Wu Chiu-de. (Image credit: the Internet)

An undated photo shows the couple Chu Hsiu-hua and "her husband" in living world Wu Chiu-de. (Image credit: the Internet)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – A legendary and mysterious Taiwanese grandmother's 60-year resurrection journey came to an end with a grand funeral on Monday, which was attended by several legislators. The family received messages of condolence from county chiefs and heads of the government.

The grandmother, known by the name of the spirit that possessed her body, Chu Hsiu-hua (朱秀華) and given the nickname "Tsai Gu" (菜姑) by her followers, was honored for her life's work of humbly giving assistance to people who sought spiritual help.

She rigorously observing a vegan diet after she was reportedly brought back from the underworld to the world of the living via the body of a 37-year-old woman living in Yunlin, Taiwan, in 1958, according to local media reports.

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Chu passed away on May 23, 2018, and her death made headlines for several weeks throughout the country for the extraordinary legend surrounding her life, which began over 60 years ago. On Monday morning, her family held a funeral for Chu, and that drew a large crowd of followers and politicians.

People were remembering Tsai Gu, not only for her numerous kind acts, but also for the legend surrounding her resurrection, which has been widely covered by media agencies and studied by ethnologists. Her story was even adapted into a few Taiwanese movies and TV dramas.

Questions concerning her mental health and her purported supernatural abilities have never ceased, so she chose to stay low key throughout her life, and devoted herself entirely to volunteering at a temple as a psychic, teaching people to do no evil. Over the past 60 years, she rarely accepted media interviews, while supposedly living in the body of her older host.

The funeral on Monday morning marked the end of 60 years of Chu's resurrection journey and marked the final chapter of her legend. The funeral drew two legislators representing the same district, including Su Chih-fen and Chang Li-shan. The family received messages of condolence from the magistrates of Yunlin, Changhua, and Hsinchu as well as a message from Premier William Lai.