5,590 ducks culled in southern Taiwan to prevent spread of H2N2 Bird Flu

Tainan health officials made the order after a duck at the poultry farm tested positive for the virus, the fifth confirmed case in Tainan this year


(By Central News Agency)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The Animal Health Inspection and Protection Office of Tainan City has announced that a strain of H5N2 Bird Flu was confirmed in several ducks in southern Taiwan this past weekend.

As a result, and to keep the disease from spreading to other animal or human populations, 5,590 ducks were immediately culled on Sunday, June 10 the office has announced.

News outlet Taiwan Hot quoted the assistant director of the Tainan Animal Health Inspection and Protection Office, Zhuang Wei-chao (莊惟超) who stated that after a case of bird flu was reported in Tainan’s Madou District (麻豆區) in May, that inspectors began monitoring and sampling nearby poultry farms within a one kilometer radius from the original site.

The first round of inspections led to the discovery of the H2N2 strain at the nearby duck farm. As soon as the Department of Health received the report, the order to begin culling the ducks was made.

Additionally, nearby facilities and adjacent roads and public spaces were also disinfected to prevent any chance of the virus from proliferating.

Of 73 cases reported this year, five have been reported in Tainan, according to Taiwan Hot. The Ministry of Health and Welfare emphasizes the need for poultry farmers, and anyone working in the poultry industry to implement proper health procedures, and keep their livestock pins sanitary to reduce the potential for the influenza strain to develop.

During Taiwan’s rainy season, poultry farms should take special care to properly manage livestock in the high humidity following rains. Proper ventilation for livestock pins is absolutely essential to keeping the birds’ immune systems healthy.