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Taiwan’s Wulaokeng Scenic Area will reopen in July

Yilan County works to improve Yilan scenic area in time for summer

Taiwan’s Wulaokeng Scenic Area will reopen in July

(Wikimedia Commons photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News)—Wulaokeng Scenic Area in Yilan will reopen in early July just in time for summer activities.

Wulaokeng Scenic Area has always been known for its clean camping grounds and streams, but in recent years, it has not fully recovered from previous tourist traffic. In order to prepare for summer, the county government has recently increased efforts to rectify waterways and the surrounding environment.

The river water area is scheduled to reopen in early July to promote water activities and provide tourists with a good environment for swimming and camping.

The Wulaokeng Scenic Area in Yilan is managed by the Yilan County Government. The area used to be the venue for the Yilan Green Expo and was also a well-known camping area in Taiwan. Last year the Yilan Green Expo moved to the Dongshan River Ecoark.

Li Yüeh-ju (李岳儒), director of the Business and Tourism Department of Yilan County, told the Central News Agency (CNA) today thar Taiwan first designated the 988 acre area for Wulaokeng in 1984, and the park area has since developed 147 acres, including 20 acres of rivers.

Li said that after the Yilan Green Expo was moved to the Dongshan River Ecoark, many facilities that were left in Wujingkeng Scenic Area could no longer be used. In order to maintain the cleanliness of the scenic area, the county government has begun to clean up the park areas and requested that the Yilan County Public Works Department further rectify the water environment.