Hot weather causes Taiwan to record highest ever June peak power usage

Taiwan achieved a record peak power usage of 36.102 million kilowatts on Friday


An alley full of air conditioner units

Air conditioner alley (Flickr user: Schezar)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Hot weather caused Taiwan to record its highest ever June peak power usage of 36.102 million kilowatts yesterday, reported CNA .

Taiwan's power reserve margin fell to 6.03 percent, perilously close to the 6 percent threshold at which an orange alert is raised.

Yesterday's peak power usage was recorded at 1.51 p.m. and was the fourth highest recording for 2018. The three higher recordings for the year were made during the 35° heat on May 30.

Similar power demand is expected today.

Taipower's deputy for central coordination, Cheng Yu-tsai (鄭有財) said that state-owned power company expected the heat would cause a spike in electricity consumption, reported CNA .

In response to growing energy demand, Taiwan's second nuclear power plant started to re-produce energy yesterday after being restarted on Tuesday, June 5. 

Even greater power usage spikes are expected to occur in August.

Taipower expects next week's peak power usage to be around 34.9-35.6 million kilowatts.