Cheng Loong Corp wants to sell more environmentally-friendly toilet paper in Taiwan

The move is an effort to improve price stability and lessen environmental impact

CLC during a promotional event (Cheng Loong Corporation)

CLC during a promotional event (Cheng Loong Corporation)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Cheng Loong Corp (正隆股份有限公司) wants to sell more environmentally friendly toilet paper and instill more environmentally conscious business practices, reported CNA.

The company sees good growth potential and improved price stability in toilet paper made from recycled paper.

CLC head of household products, Cheng Shu-yun (鄭舒云) said that the company has great hopes for its "dandelion" range of eco-friendly products, reported CNA.

The dandelion branded toilet paper is made from 100 percent recycled paper sourced from Taiwan. As such, the product has greater price stability because it is made from a more reliable source than internationally-made pulp.

February 2018 saw panicked customers as toilet paper prices swiftly increased due to a global shortage of short fiber pulp, a key ingredient in traditional toilet paper.

Eco-friendly toilet paper also has good growth potential, according to Cheng.

The highest growth sector of Taiwan's toilet paper marker was the pricier 3-ply products in 2017. This suggests Taiwanese consumers are happy to pay for good quality products.

Environmentally friendly toilet paper currently has a market share of around 5 percent in Taiwan, much lower than around 50 percent in Japan and the United States.

Cheng hopes that the strong growth in Taiwan's higher cost toilet paper will help the environmentally-friendly section of the market to grow and mature in the future.