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Taiwanese doctor shares miracle of grieving foreign caregiver reviving a dead granny

The dead granny was believed by the doctor to be brought back to life after an emergency operation and hearing the wailing of her foreign caregiver

Screenshot image from FB page "ERdoctoreyes"

Screenshot image from FB page "ERdoctoreyes"

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) - A renowned Taiwanese doctor recently shared a miracle story on his Facebook fan page, writing that a grandma rushed to an emergency room and losing signs of life upon arrival was brought back from the dead, with the grieving foreign caregiver taking most credit for the miracle.

On his FB fan page "ERdoctoreyes," emergency room physician Pai Yung-chia (白永嘉) recalled an undated operation with a grandma sent to the emergency room and found dead upon arrival. As the team was trying to bring the grandma back from the dead, a junior physician informed the foreign caregiver who accompanied the grandma to the hospital of the situation. She was shocked when hearing the word "dead," knelt down on the floor, and instantly ran into an agitated emotional state.

The doctor recalled the foreign caregiver then cried out so loud that the whole team could hear the heart-wrenching wailing from the grieving foreign caregiver. The grandma's heart rhythm miraculously returned to its normal level under the ongoing rescue effort and "perhaps because of the emotional crying," said Pai.

The doctor urged the public to treat their caregivers well, as he has witnessed many older Taiwanese patients being taken care of extremely well by their foreign caregivers.

At the end of the post, the doctor wishes that the granny can recover soon, saying she is blessed to have a loving family and a foreign caregiver caring so deeply about her.

Pai Yung-chia's FB fan page post: