Photo of the Day: Kid covers ears as jet lands in Taipei

3-year-old boy covers his ears as a China Airlines jet lands at Taipei's Songshan Airport

(Photo by Andy Ip)

(Photo by Andy Ip)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- In this photo submitted by Andy Ip, a three-year old boy can be seen covering his ears as a China Airlines jet comes alarmingly close for landing at Songshan Airport in Taipei on May 6.

Like Hong Kong's old, revered Kai Tak Airport, Songshan Airport is in the heart of Taipei City and thus close encounters like this are more common than with faraway Taipei Taoyuan International Airport. Many prefer the airport as it is much closer than its Taoyuan counterpart and it serves both domestic routes and flights to China, South Korea and Japan.

However, a deadly crash of TransAsia Airways Flight 235 in 2015 which had just departed from Songshan Airport, caused many to question the safety of the airport's location and call for its closure. Differing plans have been proposed, but for now, it is still a thriving hub for air traffic in the city.

The location where the photo was taken is Lan 180 on Binjiang Street, which had once been the only road linking both sides of the airport. As it is so close to a runway, people like to gather there to catch an up-close glimpse of jumbo jets as they approach for landing.